cordless_hair_flat_ironA hair straightener is a girl’s best friend. It not only gives you an opportunity to rock the style of your dream but also saves heaps of your time and energy. There are different designs and sizes available in the market that you can select from depending on your personal preferences and requirements.

If you ask me, I prefer cordless flat irons since they are more manageable and easy to use. The best part is I can use it almost anywhere without worrying about electricity sockets and ports.

In this post, I’ve gathered here some of the most important elements that will surely help you single out the best cordless straightener for you. Let’s have a look!

Choosing a Right Type of Cordless Flat Iron

There are hundreds of cordless straightener choices available these days offering more or less similar set of features that choosing the product that best caters to your requirements is a daunting task.

For this, you need to have ample knowledge of your hair type and texture so that you can invest in a right iron.

In addition to that, things like battery life, temperature variations, and size of the cordless hair straightener play a crucial role.

Cordless Hair Straightener – An Ultimate Buying Guide

The cordless straightener is an amazing battery-operated hair straightening device that promises to deliver instant hair styling solutions. So, you can enjoy immediate hair styling while traveling or at work. Let’s have a look at some of the points that you should consider ahead of buying a cordless flat iron for you.

Hair Type & Texture

Before investing in an extravagant cordless hair straightener, it’s important that you determine the type and texture of your hair. Keep in mind, the results you’re about to receive mainly depends on the right selection of the tool. Coarse or curly, thick or fine, make sure to choose a product that offers corresponding temperature variations so that you can enjoy optimum results.

Auto Shut Off Feature

As cordless flat irons are meant to be used at different places, it’s important that it must come with an auto shut off feature. It helps to boost the safety of the buyers, particularly while moving to different locations.


This again largely depends on the texture of your hair.  For those having thick or coarse hair should look for the products having tourmaline and titanium plates. Similarly, if your hair texture is fine, make sure to avoid flat irons having these plates so as to fend off extremely high temperatures.

Temperature Control

The availability of different temperature settings will give you enough control over your device. Search for the straighteners that come with a vast range of options ranging from minimum to maximum so that you can pick accurate temperature for your hair type. This particularly is important for salons and professional stylists who need to deal with different hair textures and types simultaneously.

Battery Life

The battery life of the wireless flat iron is a significant aspect that enhances the productivity of the device. Ideally, the cordless straighteners having one hour of battery time are suitable for women having coarse or curly hair, while the cordless flat irons having 30 minutes of battery time are perfect for those having normal hair.


Good things are usually expensive in life. So, if you want a cordless iron that is capable of meeting all your requirements, you have to pay a good sum of money for that.


In conclusion, cordless hair straighteners are one of the best hair styling solutions I’ve witnessed in the recent times. Take a cue from this post and choose a best cordless flat iron for you.