5 Great reviews for bio ionic flat iron:

Mary Anne Wilkinson –

My hair stylist recommended the one pass bio ionic flat iron to me because I have thick, frizzy hair and I was damaging it by spending half an hour a day trying to tame it with my old Conair straightener. Your hair just isn’t made to stand up to that much heat! She explained that the awesome thing about the one pass bio ionic hair straightener is that the heat isn’t the only thing taming the frizz – the negative ions actually remove all that static from your hair. So now I am able to get rid of my frizz in less than half the time (yes, it really does straighten in one pass) and have soft, shiny, straight hair without the damage I was doing before.


Kylie Severn –

Honestly, I don’t even know how I lived before I got my bio ionic flat iron one pass and it’s the only brand I’ll use now. I love the thicker plates and the way that I can have the perfect style in ten minutes flat. My hair is fairly coarse and not the easiest to straighten but I’m getting perfect results with this flat iron.


Sheena Cole –

I live in Aussie and have been wanting a one pass bio ionic straightener for ages but the salon prices were way more than I could pay and even the bio ionic one pass australia website wasn’t much help. Eventually, I found this seller who ships internationally and, even with shipping costs and import fees, and with needing a converter for Aussie outlets, I saved lots of money. I couldn’t be happier with the product, either, highly recommended.


Marly Cathro –

I can’t express how happy I am that I saved up and bought the bio ionic one pass straightener. I’m really busy in the mornings and don’t get much time for a beauty routine and, with this straightener, my hair is done in no time and the style lasts all day. The only thing I’d change is that maybe next time I’ll go for the bio ionic one pass 1 inch instead of the 1.5 inch because, while it’s super fast and easy to straighten my hair, the wider plates aren’t so good for more complicated styles, like the corkscrew curls I used to get with my Chi classic 1 inch. I suppose you can’t have the best of both worlds though, speedy styling was most important to me and I’ve definitely got that!


Allie Babich –

I never buy anything without doing about a month’s research and getting lots of different opinions first. I work hard for my money and I’m not into throwing it away! So, when my hairdresser recommended this product, I read about a thousand bio ionic one pass reviews and it seemed like girls with hair like mine loved the results and there hadn’t been too many service issues or problems with them not working. The super long warranty was reassuring too, so I decided to go for it. I’ve only had the straighteners for two weeks but I’ve found them excellent so far. I’ll update in six months and let you know if they’re still going strong!

#UPDATE: Okay, so it’s been a little longer than six months and I can honestly report that these are really good hair straighteners. They heat up nice and fast, have accurate temperature control, and haven’t become discolored or tacky over time like some flat irons do. Oh, and my hair looks AMAZING. Best flat iron ever!