Perms or ponytails, blunt fringe or beautiful bob, 2017 is all about exciting hairstyles and glamorous color trends. From super-voluminous hair to contemporary twists on conventional styles and ultra-modern and chic pixie cuts, I’ve witnessed almost all of them rocking this year’s fashion runways. If you’re also looking for an inspiration, you’re at the right place.

Read on to know some of the hottest hairstyles to try in 2017 and transform your everyday look into extraordinary in no time.

The Classic Ballerina Bun

When the basic ballerina bun is updated by top hairstylists, you can be certain it’s going to be extremely chic. The best bit? You can try different variations out of the classic bun. Whether you double twist it, make a messy bun or opt for a stylish chignon, this simple yet sensuous hairdo will make others fall in love with you.

Fabulous Faux Perms

Pretty perms and flyaway curls are this year’s hottest trend. This style goes perfectly with your backless attires and off shoulder dresses. You can also include jewels, splashy diadems or metallic tiaras to add an extra touch of glamour and allure.

High Pony

Tie your hair up. Perfected in deranged texture or sleek-straight style, the ponytail is a sure-fire way to include sophistication and style to every ensemble. Not only this hairdo gives a lift to your face, but it just goes perfectly with all types of jewelry and accessories.

Straight is Sexy

Break out your rusk flat iron! Sleek and straight is an ageless kind of hairstyle. Smooth, shiny and center-parted is current year’s coolest trend. The only thing you’ve to keep in mind is this style looks flawless if your hair looks healthy and not fried. Be certain to use a hair protective serum ahead of using your Rusk titanium iron to have a sexy-looking, beautiful straight hair.

The Stylish Bob

Okay, so this one’s my favorite hairstyle. Elegant yet extremely easy to manage, the bob cut never goes out of fashion. The good news is you can even experiment with this cut by having shorter back with soft-layered texture and longer sides for a more angular cut.

Besides trying out these different haircuts and hairstyles, you can also have a dramatic change in your appearance by testing flashy colors. Neon, green, and metallic are the chicest choices we have from this year’s fashion runways. Remember, it’s not about what’s trending, it’s more about which particular style suits your personality and make you look beautiful than ever before. Happy Styling!